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Filming incentives

Each country has specific requirements that need to be met to qualify and many also have an annual cap on the amount of funds to be awarded. You can find more in-depth information about each country’s incentive program by clicking on the links provided.

  • Fiji
    47% cash rebate of local spend

  • Hong Kong
    35% cash rebate of the production budget of the film project
  • Malaysia
    30% cash rebate on qualifying Malaysian production expenditure (QMPE)
  • Singapore
    40% cash rebate of total Singapore spend and further 10% grant of the Singapore spend of current project can be used for next project
  • South Korea
    20%–30% cash rebate on foreign audio-visual works production expenditure incurred for goods and services in Korea

Incentive Definitions

Film Production Rebate
A rebate (or grant) is funds paid to the production company based on the amount of qualifying expenditures, or jobs created in the state or country by the project. The production company does not need to file a tax return for rebates.

Film Refundable Tax Credits
A refundable tax credit is similar in function to a rebate, however, the production company must file a tax return to claim it, and receive a credit for taxes owed. Tax credits can sometimes be used as collateral to obtain a loan so that the production company receives an advance, which is usually discounted.

Film Transferable Tax Credits
A transferable tax credit may be sold or assigned to a local taxpayer. Some states offer transferable tax credits, which allow production companies to sell or get a refund for tax credits that they are not able to use. Many times brokers are used to perform these transactions.

Film Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Tax Credits
This type of tax credit can be used to offset a production company’s current tax liability, and can be carried forward for a set time, but not transferred to third parties.

The information stated herein is for reference only and based on a source using data as of January 2015. Make sure you consult a qualified tax adviser and professional who is familiar with tax incentive programs to determine the best fit for your project.

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